Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Family Pictures from Tyler Weekend

Here are the pictures from our weekend in Tyler earlier in the month.

Last week was pretty uneventful. It rained and rained earlier in the week, so we were stuck inside. I helped out with Cattle check in at the Fair, Matt played bass guitar in a band for Race for the Cure, and we had dinner with friends over the weekend. Meredith got to see lots of "balloon balls" and flamingos on sticks as they passed by where the band was playing during the race. One walker even gave Ms. Meredith her own balloon, which provided a weekend's worth of entertainment all by itself.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Loving those Pumpkins

Here are a few pictures of Meredith at the zoo yesterday. The zoo is getting preped for the annual Boo at the Zoo celebration, and Meredith was hugging all the pumpkins that she could.

Wednesday morning was one bad morning for an area deer, as it went head first into the back door of our green car. Thankfully, Matt was driving alone -- and was so calm when he called to let me know what had happened. So, just a friendly reminder to watch out for our little fury friends as the temperatures start to drop.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Texas Trip

This past weekend sure seems like a whirlwind, and I am finally getting around to posting about our exciting trip to Tyler, TX for Sean and Kim Lowery's wedding.

My little sister came into Little Rock on Friday, so we left town on Saturday -- of course carrying more things than Napoleon's Army -- but none the less we got off! First stop -- manditory picture at Texas State Line. Here is your picture, dad:)

Back on the road, things went well (except for a little DVD player malfunction, and Little Einsteins not being able to be played at our toddler's every urge), and we even got to listen to the OU-Texas game on the radio. Got settled into the hotel (more OU-Texas game), and then went to the beautiful wedding.

Kim looked amazing, and the during the whole wedding she had the most geniune smile on her face. I can only imagine that Sean looked the same way -- but its hard to tell when he's totally turned away from you. Meredith tried really hard to be a good girl -- and even helped Joe out by "directing" him during his solos.

On to the reception, and it was, of course, beautiful. The country club has pictures of all the former Rose Festival Queens -- so it was neat to get to see all the different dress designs and elaborate flowers. Meredith made several new friends that night -- our little social butterfly -- but finally got pretty tuckered out when we took this picture.

We ordered a few pictures from the wedding photographer, so I will try to post those family pictures when we get them. Thanks to Sean and Kim for inviting us to their special day!

Interesting tidbit -- I have only been to Tyler one other time for a wedding -- but both of these weddings were at the same church and the same reception site. Everywhere we went we thought "I've been here before."

In other Lipsey news, we are officially MDO dropouts. Sadly, Meredith never really got over her separation issues, and the teachers didn't feel like they could do anything else to help her out. So, more Meredith and mom time for us. I'll just have to find more things to do (hopefully with other kids and adults) during the week to keep me sane! Baby Russell is about 10 weeks from his arrival date, and our doctor's appointment went well yesterday. I've gotta get busy on his room, and start doing more Christmas shopping! December will be here before I can blink an eye!