Tuesday, October 27, 2009

For Wendi

An old friend told me she was tired of seeing the same old rabbit when she came to the blog, so I guess its time for an update!
A Tea Party
Meredith had a chance to get pampered as a princess at a tea party themed birthday party this past month. She LOVED it, and would go around for the next week with her lipstick party favor and toy purse and apply make-up all week long. She also enjoyed talking about her painted fingernails, and would show them to just about anyone who came along.
Russ has kept us on our toes again this month. To get him used to the potty, we started taking him in the morning and night, and of course we would praise him if he performed. Well, apparently all that practice of taking off the diaper and using the toilet had made Russ think that he should take off his diaper in his crib, and pee through the crib slots onto the floor (or in the crib was fine, too). So, now we are duck taping the boy into his diaper, and thankfully with the cooler weather he is back to warm footed PJs at night. Ah...he's a mess :)

Fair and Zoo
My parents were nice enough to watch the kids at the fair while I helped with cattle check-in. They had a really good time, and so Matt and I decided to brave the fair the next day while he was off work. Cows, rides, fried twinkie, and lots of walking -- fun was had by all!

Yesterday, I took the kids to the zoo as Russ was getting over being sick, and Meredith REALLY wanted to go. Boo at the Zoo is going on, so all the halloween decorations are up. I really enjoy going to the zoo when its cooler, because most of the animals are out (bears, tigers, and cats) and don't mind the cooler weather (plus, there are very few crowds at this time of year).

With a K and an A and a P P A......
It has been a pleasure to help colonize a new chapter of Kappa Delta at UALR this fall. National KD had come into town last spring, and several of us area KDs met with two of the national leadership, and we were all excited about the opprotunity to colonize a new chapter at UALR. After coming back from convention, the CAKD alumnae chapter had been busy helping out with references, providing support and meals for the extension team, and just helping in whatever way that we could. Recruitment was the last week in September, with Bid Day on 9/27. UALR Panhellenic ended up requiring a chapter advisor for the semester, and I was honored when I was asked to serve. The colony has 20 girls right now, are so excited about growing, serving the community, and having a true sisterhood; and the advisory board is growing and I (and probably Matt, too) am excited to be able to just focus on one area of the chapter (and not everything) here at the end of the year. All that to say, while the new colony has kept me pretty busy these past six weeks (and for a few more); it has been AMAZING to be a part of watching a new chapter get started and I encourage any of my sisters (or friends who are in other greek houses) to be willing to step in if there is a need -- you will be blessed! (If you are interested in pictures, just go to the UALR Kappa Delta Group Page on FB).

We've had our normal church responsibilities, and been trying to stay on the work-out schedule. Just trying to honor God, be a good family, and keep the house clean :)

OH, and also trying to stop by with a meal and going to baby showers for several friends who have had babies this past month! It must have been cold last winter!