Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I am Happy

If you are around Meredith for any length of time, you will probably hear her sing "The Happy Song." In her Sunday School class, the teachers sing the happy song (I am happy, I am happy, Meredith's here today) for each child who is there. They let the child named stand on a bucket while they are singing the song about them.

So, finally after seeing the song in action -- I began to understand why Meredith was standing on anything she could ---books, DVD cases, mini-DVD player, probably would have tried her brother.....--- and saying "happy, happy blah blah blah day" in a loud, dramatic voice. Low and behold, getting out of the car one day she finds her very own bucket in the garage. And here we are today:

So if you hear Matt or I humming some familiar tune, you know why:)

As far as the little man, I am happy to say that Russ is currently like this at the moment:

Thank you, God for two kids napping at the same time! I am indeed happy.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Pretty Pink Glasses

Wow -- this past week flew by! It's been a pretty cold and damp week here in the Natural State, so we have spent most of the week indoors. Russell is doing well, and is trying his hardest to roll over to his belly. Meredith is also doing well, and over the past couple of weeks she has decided that she really does like her sunglasses. So, one year after buying them they are finally being worn by our pretty, pretty princess (and Russ:)).

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Happy Birthday, Matt

Today is Matt's 29th birthday, and he has had a pretty good birthday so far. He decided on a new PS2 controller and the 2008 NCAA football game as his big present, so while Meredith is down for her nap -- he is checking out his new game. He seems pretty excited about it, and it reminds me of a 10-year old at Christmas after he's opened the presents and now gets to play them all afternoon.

Have a great day, honey!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Russell is 1 month old

A lot of my blogging friends do a much better job of this, but I'll give it a try.

Russell, you are 1 month old today. Where has the time gone? You have changed our life forever. You love to eat and sleep, and have grown quite a bit since you first arrived. You love to be held and cuddled, and your favorite place to sleep is anywhere someone will hold you. You are the laid back child, and adapt to anything that comes your way. You get numerous kisses each day from your big sister, and you take all her hugging in stride. We love you, and can't wait for you to grow even more!

He must be growing because I pulled out his Carter's 3 month clothes today -- which is not really a huge deal, because Carter's does run small (all of you new moms out there should know this) but its still weird to think that he is already growing out of some of this clothes!

Here are some pictures from today:

Success with the Vest

As with most toddlers, Meredith can be pretty opinionated in words and actions. Aunt Liz got her this adorable vest for Christmas, but she pretty much refused to wear it -- or when she did she would break out into a horrible crying fit. Well, I guess momma did something right and I finally got pictures. Thanks Liz for the outfit -- I think its a keeper!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Parties and Pigtails

Wow - what a busy two weeks it has been! I hope that each of you had a wonderful Christmas and a very festive new year. Here is an update on our holiday happenings.

We had a wonderful Christmas holiday. I don't have too many pictures, but once I get some from the rest of the family I'll try to post them. For some reason I always seemed to have a baby or a toddler in my hands:) Sharon hosted a wonderful Cookie Decorating Party for the kids a few days before Christmas, and a fun time was had by all. Chefs Meredith and Matt had lots of fun, while Russell just looked from a far. Leslie and Patrick came and visited little Russ the next day, and we had a good time catching up with them. Thanks for playing ball with Meredith, as well as stopping by to see us! We made it up to church for Christmas Eve service, and Matt and I were amazed at how well both of our children did during the service. Meredith amazed us with her restraint and the first real peep out of her was after the Lord's Supper (so, pretty much the end of the service) when she declared "All Done." Matt even commented that we should have more little kiddos to fill up the pews .... my thoughts, slow down, buddy:) After that, on to Christmas at the Davis' for food and presents.

Christmas morning was a brunch at our house with grandparents. I think Meredith was a little overwhelmed. She ended up going into her playhouse, and not coming out to open presents. However, she did like the presents after they were opened. On to Christmas lunch with the Lipsey family -- so more food and presents. Finally got to make it back home, and the whole family pretty much crashed. I'm tired just writing about it!

We just spend New Years in the house after picking up some Texas Roadhouse grub. I didn't actually stay up for the ball dropping, but I was up at 2 AM with Russell. Does that count?

The kids and I are getting adjusted to life with dad at work, and other family getting back to their own lives. I've found that I've become even more scheduled than before --- probably helps that Russell really seems to thrive on the Eat - Play - Sleep cycle. I've also caved and added another laundry day -- but its probably better than running 4 loads in one day.

Russell had his first office Pediatrician visit this past week. 9 lb 3 oz and 21.5 inches. Matt is wondering when, and not if, he is going to be bigger than his big sister. He's still an excellent baby, although he has picked up an evening fussy period. However, when he sleeps for 3-4 hour stretches at night, I can't complain too much.

Meredith has been a little mimic these past couple of weeks. Liz got her to start saying "That's nice." So now everything is "That's nice" or "That's sweet." Matt and I are also enjoying her new verbal skills of "Out, please" "Up, please" an "Read, please." It's much better than the grunting phase that she had been using to communicate with us. We have also been playing with her hair these past couple of days. Lot's of pigtails and ponytails. Our little baby girl seems so much more grown up!

That's about it for now! Here are some pictures of the past couple of weeks.

Cookie Party

Russell - 12 Days Old

Meredith "helping" with Tummy Time


Thursday, January 3, 2008

Pretty Funny

This made me laugh. I'll be sure to update soon! It's been a busy couple of weeks.