Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Girl Who Asks Why

This post is all about Meredith. It's hard to believe that I have a 4 year old daughter, but neat to see so much more about who she is and who she is growing to be.
This past month has brought on the question of the year "Why?" It's constant -- Why is the fire hot? Why do I have to go to bed? Why is that dog black? -- anytime she wants to learn more about something, why is the word that comes out of her mouth. It's a little exhausting, but neat to see her begin to think about the philosophical, but also wonder about the mundane in life.

Meredith also LOVES her bicycle. Our sweet friend Emma is a few years older than Meredith, and gave her very first bike to Meredith to try last fall when she got her "big girl" bike. Over the winter, Meredith's little legs have grown and now she is a bicycle champ! Her favorite thing to do is to ride around in circles in the garage. I get dizzy just watching her, but she loves it.

Meredith has grown to adore her preschool class, and its gonna be hard to be out all summer! She has learned so much in her classes, and is a totally different girl than the girl I dropped off last August. Some of her favorite things from school are her Spanish songs, the many art projects she has done, and of course her sweet friends.
Sometime over these past few months, Meredith (and Russ) have come to enjoy Sesame Street. Just like Little Einsteins and Mickey Mouse in the past, Meredith has her favorite episodes. It's been interesting because she is now practicing LOTS of phonics. She'll say things like "Mmm, Mmm, Meredith starts with M" and "Raaa, Raaa, Russ starts with R." Between her telling these things to Russ and "playing" school with the letters on the refrigerator, I don't think I would be surprised to see her grow up to be a teacher.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Blowing off the Dust

Spring is in the air, so I thought I'd dust off the old blog and share whats going on in our lives!

First, here are some pictures from the past 6 months :)