Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Summer, We Are Glad You Are Here

Meredith has been talking since January about wanting to go to the pool. Six months ago I would say "We have to wait until June gets here." Since Meredith really only knows one June, I'm pretty sure that she has been waiting for June, Rocket, and the rest of her Little Einsteins buddies to arrive and whisk her away to the tunnel slide, baby pool, and land of floaties and fun. She may be a little disappointed, but we are very glad that June as arrived!

Here is an update on the past month:

Promoting to another Sunday School class can only mean one thing, Russ is Happy! For back story, see blog entry here. Ms. Wilma, Ms. Pat, and Ms. Debra -- please don't worry, we did pull out the bucket and did not make him use the gladware as a bucket after this shot was taken :)

Our new favorite toys --

The Slinkie

And the Blue Car (enjoyed because Daddy will "drive us" around the house at blazing speeds).

Playing Fort
Oh Picasso Meredith, We mark on the paper, not on the walls

Hungry, Russ?

And that's where are phones are....
We still love you!