Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Controversy on the Disney Front

Hi Friends and Family -- I'll post about our month during the next few days, but there seems to be a trend that is popping up around me in regards to morality issues. Just wanted to get my thoughts down while they are fresh in my mind.

Vicki Courtney did an excellent job of summing up the Miley Cyrus act at the Teen Choice awards last night (I was not watching this event, but heard about it after the fact). Hopefully I am a few years away before the crazed fans/teen idolatry that seems to happen with stars that Disney or other media outlets promote, but it reminded of a recent family decision regarding a DVR'ed show. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is a staple on the DVR at our house. Its pretty cute with one of Russ' few words being "Mickey;" and that majority of the time its all good, clean fun and shows new words, phrases, and other educational things to the kids while mom is folding laundry, or checking her e-mail.

However, Matt was talking about how the episode "Donald and the Beanstalk" seemed to promote many of the values that are wrong for us as Christians, let alone upstanding citizens. I think no way -- not Mickey. That is until I actually sit down and watch the episode. Background -- Donald trades this favorite chicken for 5 magic beans from the Giant. Mickey tells him that they are not magic, and suggests going and taking his chicken back from the Giant (think Jack and the Beanstalk). So, the Mickey gang decides to go back and get Donald's chicken so he will be "happy" again. They find early on that the beans are indeed magic, and grow into a beanstalk up into the clouds where the giant lives. Mickey and pals go up and steal Donald's chicken and the Giant follows them down. Justifiably, the giant wants his chicken, and Mickey says "Well, Donald made a mistake, and will trade back his beans, now beanstalk, for his chicken back." Apparently, the giant is appeased by a cuddly Teddy bear that he can love...and happily ever after everyone goes. Cue the Hot Dog dance.

OK -- so we all have made some pretty bad purchases in life. I've bought lots of toys that have broken when Russ chunks them across the room in the first hour, have gotten something that doesn't work just like it says, had buyers remorse more times then I can count -- but do I take it upon myself to go and steal my money back from the store. No Way -- that is stealing.

Now you might say "Well, Donald didn't get what he thought he was getting." However, in this case, Mickey and his friends find out that indeed the beans are magic, as they grow into huge beanstalks straight into the clouds up to where the Giant lives.

We should honor our contacts. Whether its our marriage vows, paying our bills, or even just dealing with the consequences of a bad decision -- we need to do what we say that we will do. Secondly, we should not steal. God's pretty clear about this one -- You Shall Not Steal. Exodus 20:15. I just hate that a show/franchise that is promoted with a good, family, and wholesome image completely misses the mark, to keep its characters "happy."

Lesson of the day -- it starts early, but we must be so careful what our little ones are shown. Especially when they are so young that they can't reason through what is correct and right in the Lord's sight.

Oh, be careful little eyes, what you see.
Oh, be careful little eyes, what you see.
For the Father up above, He's looking down with Love.
Oh, be careful little eyes, what you see.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Testing 1,2,3.....

Just trying to test out why my blog is unavailable to me.....Hope this will help it out.