Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fall and Friends (with some Friendly Lipsey Updates)

Hello Neglected Blog Followers!

I am seizing this late night insomnia to update you on the life and times of the Lipseys. We have had a fabulous month, and are looking forward to all things Fall that are headed our way.

Russ and Meredith at River Market
August 2009

Matt has been chronicling the paths of "Destructo" on his FB page in this album. He is a fast and happy little boy these days, and keeps his entire family on our toes! He recently got his first haircut, to the joy of both granddads, and has been enjoying some Mommy and Russ time for two days a week while Meredith is at preschool (and he doesn't have MDO). Exciting things we have done -- date to the zoo (with Russ being able to chose where he wanted to go, when he wanted to go), helping out with house cleaning (he still loves the broom and helping get the dishes out of the dishwasher), and watching mommy and her friends stuff some Lottie Moon envelopes at ABSC while trying to escape to the hall and push the elevator button.

Russ, the growing boy
August 2009
Meredith is getting to be a big girl these days. We have recently started a Preschool/MDO program, and she is doing very well. We talk about her new friends and the schedule a lot; and I can usually hear her singing a few new tunes from the other room (but she doesn't want to share her new songs with anyone yet). She has been blessed with some great teachers, and we couldn't be happier with the transition to a school-type program for our growing girl. Also, this past month, Meredith started taking dance lessons. Her class is so very sweet, filled with children that she knows from church, as well as making new friends, too. She LOVES tap, and could probably do without ballet -- but as most of us did, I'm sure she will grow to love it. During this time, the poor little brothers of 3 dancers get to have tried to entertain themselves in the lobby of the dance studio. Oh my! If only I had the resources to open up a Wonderplace 2 down from the dance studio.....
Meredith at Dance, Russ and Parker sharing the toy from the $1 store, and when Meredith is not out and about, she is probably playing candy land (and frightening her parents with her choice of step-stool)
August 2009

Matt and I are doing well. Matt has recently gotten back to playing bass guitar for the youth band up at church, and has been "jamming" in the evenings. He's also been enjoying some good books lately. I have been on a workout kick these past 3 weeks. My goal is to workout 6 days a week for at least 30 minutes a day. Its been going pretty well, and as an incentive to keep up the pace and change up the work-outs, I have started going to an adult tap class one day a week. Its been so much fun to get back into dancing, and I look forward to slimming down a little (especially if this rumored recital piece comes to fruition).

The church gang was blessed last weekend to get a visit from Chris and Melody, our sweet friends who are currently in OK. Chris and I (both of us engineers) met in our Cal 1 class at UA, and I met Mel when, gasp, she was dating Chris' roommate. However, I probably got to know them even better when we both ended up living in central Arkansas and members at Park Hill together. We had our old church group together for dinner, and Matt and I got the chance to hang out with them for the Razorback game on Saturday. We loved getting a chance to catch up, but I think my favorite part was catching up with Mel about discipleship and faith during the 3rd quarter of the football game (so, it wasn't the most exciting of games). We are so blessed to have you guys in our lives, and hopefully we can make it out to see Matt's Motherland (if HE doesn't fire them) this next spring.

Chris with his patented "You're fired" look (He didn't have to do it too often)

August 2009

Oh, and if you need a Razorback Football rolodex of information -- Chris is your man!